About Us

Institute for Human Rehabilitation is non-profit association of scientists, that discovers problems relating humanism and human relations in society. It creates scientific research projects, and applies for projects with domestic and foreign institutions, that are related to human relations and rehabilitation. For the needs of scientific research, association creates measuring instruments, checks their correctness, reliability, objectivity, and sensitivity. All conducted research is being published in journal “Human”, with the intention to share information with the world. This journal is founded for interdisciplinary studies, that strongly supports and encourages researchers from all around the world to publish their scientific accomplishments.

Human beings are often in conflicts, those conflicts can last shorter or longer, and they can evolve into wars. Any type of conflict leaves the consequences on human beings and entire society, which results in illness, suicides and social pathology of the entire society. The law, economical, political and cultural etc. segments are affected. The Journal Human is the journal for interdisciplinary studies that publishes research papers of faster rehabilitation of human beings and entire society. The articles in Journal Human are trying to find the best ways, procedures and algorithms for solving many social and individual problems in Bosnia, region and the entire world by including them in practice of everyday life on the basis of forgotten and neglected human principles of life.

Other journals deal with the problems in separate segments of social pathology, but Journal Human is about interactive problems of society reorganization as well as single human being with aim of faster rehabilitation.

Highlighting the scientific goals in the HUMAN journal is for free, but because the system maintenance, web services updates, editing, and printing of articles is not for free, the editorial staff encourages authors, readers and other web site visitors to donate. More information on how to donate is available if you contact Technical Support Department at hrr@human.ba. Thank you.