program for speech-language rehabilitation


Computer rehabilitation program for learning – correction of voice, pronounce and language


Basic characteristic of program:

Computer rehabilitation program for learning – correction of voice, pronounce and language is consisted of this subprograms: “Alphabet for deaf” (DEAF&WRITING) – as windows software font (programmed alphabet); “Keyboard for deaf” (DEAF&KEYBOARD) – as hardware (keyboard for deaf) and operative program for rehabilitation.

Characteristics of subprogram “Font for deaf” (DEAF&WRITING)

Deaf & Writing is computer, educative program for deaf persons and represents “Alphabet for deaf” as software font (programmed alphabet)

Deaf & Writing enables the development of more effective types of reading, writing, communication and learning of language at deaf persons. Alphabet for deaf includes the use of dactylology and hirology for far communication. (Dactylology and hirology are the system of letters that presents one handed and two handed alphabet. Deaf persons use these when they want to explain a notion, by drawing it in air. Program Deaf & Writing enables printing the alphabet and its wide use).

For that purpose the keyboard has been constructed and adapted to deaf by putting the deaf alphabet on it.

DEAF&WRITING alphabet function

Program for printing the text by using dactylology and hirology alphabet works this way: the user input notions that are being learned or already learned, by using vocabulary that is adapted to computer and than user can type e-mails and send/receive it.

The program helps in language learning with accent to semantics, syntax, grammar etc. The user types notions of language that is used in its area on the keyboard, while one handed ore two handed alphabet can be used for translation.

Two handed alphabet is mostly used in lower ages. Deaf children learn it mostly before school and than they use one handed alphabet, which is faster and it is in continuous use at deaf persons.

Operative program characteristics

The program presents unique learning staff for population of logo pates and hearing damaged pupils with dynamic contents that focus the attention of pupils and gives excellent effects in speech rehabilitation and phonological education

The program is able to start form CD directly, or by coping it to HD on PC. Before starting of program it is needed to install the font for deaf. After this installation the program is ready to use.

The program has been designed specially, so at startup, there is window come from the deep hole up to the pupil. And by that way it makes occupying psychological effect. Then by pressing enter on keyboard many possibilities of program with window elements are opened. They are in 3D space of classroom and come out from the walls. After windows options are shown by click on setup, the window with elements that can be used in rehabilitation is shown and others are hidden. It is possible to use all of elements together because of analytic – synthetic admittance in education and rehabilitation.

Pronunciation and word writing of hearing people language is based on original admittance. The most frequent words are explained by motion picture, the picture that associate on semantic of the word and the two handed alphabet which primary function is for learning the grapheme sequence of the word.

Phonologic part of program enables the right pronunciation of voice for correction something but also for imitation of voice, the exercise of right putting of speech organs and for pronunciation of voice at hard of hearing and deaf population.

Program users

Program users we can globally split into two groups:

In first group we can put deaf persons that has partly developed or not developed speech.

In second groups we can put persons with damaged speech that has disappeared as consequence of developmental disturbances, stroke, brain damages or traumas.

Program benefits

The biggest benefits have deaf persons. By using individual program on the computer, that persons could learn language and train speech continuously, they would be less depended of therapist help which is very expensive, short and usually superficial.

Family would also benefit, they would spent their free time more rationally.

Therapist would also benefit, they could observe their patients and control their progress at their homes.

Institution would benefit, mostly medicine and educational, where those people are rehabilitated.