VOLUME 12 | ISSUE 1 | APRIL, 2022

This qualitative case study investigated two teachers’ use of metacognitive strategies during reading instruction and the types of metacognitive assessments used to assess students’ metacognitive strategies. Data collection was performed using a case study methodology via two semi-structured interviews, observations of five reading instruction lessons, and two selfrecorded question responses, known collectively as the experience sampling method (ESM). The data collected were coded based on three time periods: planning before reading, monitoring during reading, and evaluating after reading. The findings reveal that the two teacher-participants spent a substantial amount of time activating their students’ prior knowledge and building vocabulary. In addition, both teachers only used think aloud assessments to examine the type of metacognitive strategies that their students used during reading sessions. There is a need to consider other metacognitive strategies, including evaluating strategies, and to utilize alternative methods of assessment alongside think aloud, such as interviews.
Keywords: d/Deaf and hard of hearing students, metacognitive assessments, metacognitive knowledge/awareness, metacognitive regulation, metacognitive strategies

Aldijana Avdic, Naida Lojo-Kadric, Jasmin Ramic, Lejla Pojskic, Vesna Hadziavdic

The aim of the paper is to present the results of the VNTR gene polymorphism genetic variants molecular typing for endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) in human population of Tuzla Canton. Based on the analysis of the distribution of eNOS gene genotypes in the total sample of respondents, the highest frequency was recorded for the (b/b) genotype, which was 73.0%. For the heterozygous (a/b) genotype of the eNOS gene, a frequency of 24.0% was determined, and a frequency of 3.0% was recorded for the (a/a) genotype. The research resulted in a database of local and global significance, namely, the incorporation of these data into the existing regional and European genetic database.
Keywords: Polymorphism, eNOS, Tuzla Canton

Lidija Ristovska, Zora Jachova, Jasmina Kovacevic, Husnija Hasanbegovic

The aim of the study was to develop Macedonian monosyllabic and disyllabic tests for speech audiometry, to record the speech materials, and to conduct clinical validation of the tests. The following criteria were applied: word familiarity, phonetic balance, and homogeneity of audibility. Clinical validation was conducted on a sample of 30 normal hearing subjects, aged 18 to 30 years. We developed four open-set tests for speech threshold and suprathreshold testing in quiet. The tests contain two word lists with 50 monosyllabic words and two word lists with 36 disyllabic words. Each word was introduced by a carrier phrase. Psychometric function slope from 20% to 80% correct recognition for all words was 5%/ dB. The difference between the presentation levels at which the subjects repeated all the words was ≤ 4 dB. Developed phonetically balanced word lists have relatively steep psychometric function slope and they are homogeneous in terms of the audibility.
Keywords: development, Macedonian word lists, speech audiometry

Dyslexic students often have the excellent joint capability, yet many fail to get the mastery of reading. The signs of dyslexia may affect many fields of learning and activities. They may be characterized as a combination of difficulties that influence the learning process in reading, spelling, or writing. It is mainly connected with mastering written language, although spoken language may also be affected. The application of information and communications technology (ICT) is a vital tool to rectify gaps and weaknesses for students who have difficulties spelling and writing and can be highly favorable to dyslexic students. Developing word processing skills allows people with dyslexia, particularly those with scanty motor skills, to better present their work and frees them from the process of writing. Mastering typing and word processing skills are life skills, and the struggle taken up in learning to type will be well recompensed (Beveridge, 1999). In this paper, We will examine the characteristics of dyslexic children and how ICT can facilitate some of their weaknesses and enable them to succeed in taking more control over their learning. We also consider what the advantage and disadvantages to children with dyslexia of using a computer are.
Keywords: Dyslexia, Using ICT, Special Education, learning difficulties

The main objective of this study is to compare the performance of two areas of banking in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is, Islamic and conventional banking. In order to measure the performance of two banking sectors, profitability, efficiency and liquidity measures are implemented. For the purpose of the study secondary data from both banking sectors is used. The time interval covered in the study spans from 2008 to 2020. Ratio analysis and independent sample t-test is applied in order to check the characteristics of two banking sectors. Currently, studies investigating comparative performance of these two banking sectors in BiH are rare, therefore theoretical contribution will be evident. Practically, it will help bank customers to understand how Islamic banking sector performs relative to the conventional banking sector. Also, bank managers of selected banks will be able to compare performance of their banks relative to the other banks in terms of the ratios used in the study. The limitation of the study is that in Bosnia and Herzegovina there is only one bank that operates according to Islamic banking principles, which will represent Islamic banking sector in this study.
Keywords: Islamic banking, conventional banking, performance, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, BiH

Starting from the concept where language in human communication is the primary means and key communication mechanism in achieving what is real, it is obvious that today it is a kind of phenomenon in all forms of business. This research aims to identify the role of language strategy in international business relations in order to better understand the importance of knowing the most pronounced and influential languages in trade in goods and services in all business segments. Despite recognizing the importance of English language skills and their role in international business relations, there is still room for further research on this issue. Of course, there are studies on the relationship between language and international business, but little has been elaborated on the impact of language on international business relations. In order to assess the current situation, initial dedicated sampling was conducted with the aim of collecting and generating data. The goal, however, is to clarify and confirm explanatory analyzes that reveal the process inherent in the material area of research. Qualitative and quantitative data of analogous research in the environment and beyond were used for generating, i.e. collecting and analyzing data. For simplicity and clarity of results, the theoretical sample collected from different sources was processed by IBM SPSS Statistics. All the above indicators take as a starting point the language and competencies in this area, and therefore a clear possibility has been created for the data to be presented quantitatively on a predominantly qualitative basis. Our research shows that, since language barriers have a profound impact on international business, successfully adapting to the new language(s) yields positive results. For these reasons, we advocate more multidisciplinary studies that require in-depth research at different levels in the field, with a proposal to pay more attention to field theorizing and means of analysis.
Keywords: International business, communication, language management, language strategy, business relations

The main goal of this study was to examine the differences in the quality of life of the elderly with impaired vision in relation to the degree of visual impairment. The research included a total of 40 elder respondents, visually impaired, both genders, located and accommodated in the Public Institution “Retirement Home” in Tuzla and the retirement home “Vita Nostra” in Bihać. The analysis of the obtained results indicates that the degree of visual impairment has an impact on the quality of life of the elderly with impaired vision, people with severe visual impairment have the poorest quality of life.
Keywords: quality of life, visually impaired elders, degree of visual impairment

Bozidar Otasevic, Dag Kolarevic, Dragana Cvorovic, Sasa Atanasov

The subject of this paper is the indoor cultivation of marijuana in laboratory conditions in Serbia. The sample included 138 illegal laboratories discovered in Serbia in the period from 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2019. In 51 (37%) of the laboratories discovered, marijuana was detected at various stages of the production process, from stems of very low height to the final product ready for distribution to the illegal drug market. This result points to the conclusion that the producers took care to have a certain amount of “the goods” ready for the illegal drug market at all times. In 136 laboratories discovered (for the two remaining laboratories there were no data available), the total of 196 persons were deprived of liberty, whose average age was 38 (+/- 10). Out of that number, only one person in each of the 96 (68.4%) laboratories discovered was arrested. The number of the arrested persons is very small, which leads us to a conclusion that the criminal investigations do not sufficiently determine the connection between the illegal producers and the rest of the criminal organization.
Keywords: cannabis, indoor cultivation, commercial growers, clandestine laboratories

Sevala Tulumovic, Neira Mahmic

The aim of this study was to examine the influence of the degree of visual impairment on the presence of depression in visually impaired persons in the elderly age placed in institutional accommodation. The study included a total of 40 elderly respondents, both genders. The variables were divided into two groups: anamnestic variables and variables of depression testing. The results were processed by descriptive statistics, and analysis of variance. The obtained results showed that the degree of visual impairment has a statistically significant effect on the presence of depression in visually impaired persons in elderly age.
Keywords: depression, visual impairment, elderly age

Lejla Kuralic-Cisic, Meliha Bijedic, Adela Cokic, Edin Muftc, Emina Suljkanovic-Djedovic

The aim of this paper is to determine the differences between externalized and internalized behavioral problems in the population of young adolescents in the city of Tuzla on eight different scales of syndromes (anxiety/depression, reticence, physical difficulties, aggression, rules violation, social problems, thinking problems, and attention problems). The paper starts from the assumption that there are differences between younger adolescents with internalized and externalized behavioral problems with regard to gender in such a way that externalized problems will be more frequent in male adolescents and internalized behavioral problems in female adolescents. The sample of respondents in this study consists of 587 young adolescents of both genders. The research was conducted in fifteen primary schools in the city of Tuzla. The Achenbach dimensional classification of behavioral disorders was used for assessment (Achenbach & Rescorla, 2001). The results show higher scores for internalized behavioral problems. Female adolescents had statistically significantly higher scores on the Anxiety/Depression, Somatic Problems, and Thought Problems subscales.
Keywords: internalized and externalized problems, gender, elementary school students.

The paper aims to research data on the psychological contract which in our country are almost unknown; provide suggestions emphasizing the importance of psychological contracts and fill the managerial and legal gaps faced by Kosovar organizations due to lack of information on psychological contracts. The paper is focused on determining the importance and role of psychological contracts in the formation of positive organizational relationships and maintaining the desired level of work, positive attitudes towards the work of employees in the business sector, etc. The paper provides knowledge and guidance to organizations on how to manage psychological contracts and pave the way for practical research of these contracts to local businesses. The paper presents a contribution to answering a number of questions on the economic value of the psychological contract between employees and management in Kosovo organizations based on the literature reviewed.Also, based on the studies conducted, our conceptual research emphasizes the importance of psychological contract in organizational behavior and the benefits that psychological contract brings to organizations. The paper itself represents originality and value for researchers, organizations in Kosovo and for later studies of the field.
Keywords: psychological contract, organization, legal, human resource management, relationship.

This paper examines the relationship between job satisfaction, organizational commitment and gender in Kosovo employment institutions. Despite the positive efforts to change the legislation, in order to increase women’s participation in the labor market, Kosovo still remains the country with the lowest participation of women in the labor market, comparing to the other countries in the region. The study of job satisfaction and organizational commitment helps to understand the dynamics that generate the continuation of women at work and encourage many others to be included in the labor market. This paper uses the cultural heritage approach to understand the phenomenon. The methodology used to gather the data was quantitative one. A questionnaire was distributed to 338 employees of 11 employment institutions in Kosovo. The data revealed that more females than males show high level of job satisfaction and organizational commitment in the institutions where they work. This confirms the ‘the paradox of the contented female worker’, as explained by Clark (1997). The study also shows that there exists also a positive correlation between job satisfaction and organizational commitment of employees, both females and males, in the employment institutions involved in this study.
Keywords: gender, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, employees, Kosovo

The aim of this paper was to examine the literacy skills of deaf and hard of hearing people in electronic form writing and to compare these skills in relation to standard (“paper-pencil”) writing. The sample included 50 deaf and hard of hearing students aged from 12 to 20 years. The students were supposed to have basic literacy to be able to answer questions by writing. The Questionnaire for determining basic electronic literacy, which consisted of 15 simple questions about the student’s everyday life, was used. Variables used: correct response, vocabulary, and spelling mistakes, i.e., substitution, omission, addition, and metathesis. The test was performed at two different time intervals and in two different forms (standard and electronic forms). Data were processed by descriptive analysis and t-test. More favorable results were obtained in favor of standard writing compared to electronic writing on all variables except for vocabulary. Statistically significant differences were found for the variables vocabulary, omission, and substitution. It is important that there is also communication competence, and especially better language competence expressed in electronic form. More complex activities, such as education, studying, or doing business, require language competence for electronic expression.
Keywords: electronic communication skills, deaf and hard of hearing people

DOi: 10.21554/hrr
Volume 11 - Issue 2