Any claims of copyright infringement should be addressed to the Editor at bearing the subject line “Copyright Infringement”.

The claim must be sufficed by documented evidence supporting the same version as being published or copyrighted or patented by the aggrieved party before the date of publication of the concerned Hrr article. On receipt of the claim, the Hrr Board, if found deemed, shall inform the Hrr author to provide an explanation; the discussion of which shall be transparent to both parties.

The Hrr Board reserves the sole rights to decide the validity of any such claims. After deliberation, if the claim is found justified, the concerned manuscript will be removed from all Hrr archives and servers. Any subsequent print copies of the concerned issue will not contain the article. In case, the changes required are minimal such as the inclusion of references, the authors will be intimated to do the required amendments according to the Hrr article correction policies.

Any claims on copyright will be addressed with the highest priority. A revert mail will be dispatched within 10 days provided the claim is supported by documented evidence.

Article rights belong to the authors of those articles without restrictions.