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About Publisher

Publisher of international journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation” is an independent institution, Institute for Human Rehabilitation that has been founded in order to provide support and aid to individuals and society in post war period. According to scientific studies from scientific literature, war leaves hardest negative consequences on individuals and the society that has gone through war. Individuals suffer severe long term consequences from war such as illness, suicide and social pathology. In social front, laws and regulations are obstructed, economic development, education, politics and cultural segments are affected. Often the recovery lasts for many decades. With all that in mind, rehabilitation of individuals and the society is needed in all aspects of development.

Institute for Human Rehabilitation is nonprofit association of scientists that discover problems related to humanism and relationships in society. Institute creates scientific research projects and applies to projects with domestic and international institutions whose interest areas are relationships and rehabilitation. For the purposes of research, association creates measuring instruments; verify their accuracy, reliability, objectivity and sensitivity. All conducted research is published in journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation” with the intent of sharing information with the world.

Aim and Scope

This journal has foundation in interdisciplinary studies and it strongly supports and encourages researchers from all around the world to publish their scientific achievements.

Main goal of journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation” is to publish scientific paper about faster rehabilitation (retraining) of human beings and the society.
It encourages the authors to find best ways, procedures and algorithms for solving many social and individual problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, region and whole world, including them into everyday practice on the grounds of forgotten and neglected human principles of life.

Papers from areas: law, economy, education, culture, psychology, sociology and medicine are welcome, especially in segments where anomie has been noticed. Authors are encouraged to offer their solutions for development, rehabilitation/retraining of individuals and society. Also we encourage authors that want to publish their scientific papers in areas of biology, chemistry and mathematics and innovative projects and patents from all scientific disciplines to publish them in journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation”.

Journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation” researches interactive problems of reorganizing the society and individual human beings, aiming for better and faster rehabilitation.

Publishing in journal “Human Research in Rehabilitation” is free; however maintenance, website updates, editing and printing are costly. Therefore we appeal to authors, readers and other visitors of our website to donate and help us continue our work. If you want to donate contact us hrr@human.ba and we will be happy to provide you with the information on how to donate.

Thank you!