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Publisher of the International Journal for Education / Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Research – Human Research in Rehabilitation is Institute for Human Rehabilitation. This is independent institution which was established to support and assist individuals and society. In the transition period, Bosnia developed from socialism to capitalism.

According to scientific studies, this has negative effects on individuals, especially people with special needs and as well as society undergoing transition. Individuals suffer serious long-term consequences, laws and regulations are obstructed, affecting education, rehabilitation, the social and cultural segment. With that in mind, relaxed education or rehabilitation of individuals and society in all aspects of development is required with particular emphasis on education / rehabilitation.

Institute for Human Rehabilitation is nonprofit association of scientists that discover problems related to humanism and relationships in society. Institute creates scientific research projects and applies to projects with domestic and international institutions whose interest areas are education/rehabilitation, and psychosocial research.

For the purposes of research, association creates measuring instruments; verify their accuracy, reliability, objectivity and sensitivity. The association funds the publication Human Research in Rehabilitation with the intent of sharing information with the world.

About this Journal

The Journal Human Research in Rehabilitation is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that considers scholarly, research-based articles on all aspects of education/rehabilitation, and psychosocial research. As a journal aimed at facilitating the global exchange of education theory, contributions from different educational systems and cultures are encouraged.

The journal publishes research articles as well as review articles. The journal Human Research in Rehabilitation is the official, peer-reviewed publication of the Institute for Human Rehabilitation (IZHR).

Aims and Scope

The Journal Human Research in Rehabilitation publishes research articles, essays, research reports, teaching notes, and book reviews on a wide range of topics of interest to the science practitioner. Specifically, we encourage submission of manuscripts that, in a concrete way, apply education / rehabilitation and Psychosocial Research but also other areas through multidisciplinary approaches such as law and culture science or critically reflect on the application of that science.

Authors must address how they either improved a that condition or propose to do so, based on science research. This journal has foundation in interdisciplinary studies and it strongly supports and encourages researchers from all around the world to publish their scientific achievements.

Publishing in the Journal Human Research in Rehabilitation is free. Therefore, the Publisher charges minimal costs for processing the article in the publication standard (about 150 euros). The processing price depends on the number of tables, drawings or photos that need to be processed. The authors will be informed about this in a timely manner. Also, the publisher charges for corrections of the article in English if necessary.

Authors can support the publication of articles through a donation. We appeal to authors, readers and other visitors of our website to donate and help us continue our work. If you want to donate contact us hrr@human.ba and we will be happy to provide you with the information on how to donate.

Home address: Association of Scientists “Institute for Human Rehabilitation” Alije Izetbegovica 26. 75290. Tuzla Canton. Bosnia and Herzegovina

President of the Association Husnija Hasanbegovic, PhD (husnija.hasanbegovic@gmail.com)

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